About Deafened People Page

Would you like a book? You’re obviously here because you are looking for information on deafened people or late-deafness. A lot of books about deafness talk about Deaf Culture from the lifelong-inside, or the curious observer, and books about hearing loss often describe a hard-of-hearing lifestyle that does not quite hit the spot for deafened people. Have a look at our book, Deafened People: Adjustment and Support, published in 2000 by the distinguished academic publishers University of Toronto Press.

Our boundaries:

We are not here to give you advice on medical treatment for hearing loss. For one thing, I don’t think anyone but you can determine what is best for you. Secondly, we are not a qualified advisors in areas related to medical intervention as we are not physicians, surgeons, or audiologists. The opinions on this site relate to being deafened. If you need clarification of what deafness is, please read the feature article. I can’t answer questions about hearing aids or other devices to cope by listening to sounds.

Attention Students:

Many site visitors are students preparing papers about acquired deafness. I hope you find this new basic information index useful. Please check this, especially the Q Files, before emailing me term-paper related questions. You may quote my responses if you cite the source correctly in your paper and its bibliography. (Example: Woodcock, K. (2002) “My family signs boring.” The Deafened People Page [Online: http://www.deafened.org/boring.htm; Available date-you-found-it.] Note (important!!) Before I will answer term-paper questions, I will require you to provide me with the name of your school/college/university, the program or course you are taking, and your professor or teacher’s name and email address.

Did you know you can get approximate (computerized) translations of web pages and text passages by going to AltaVista? I apologize in advance for the quantity of idioms used on this site, because the translation of idioms is not so good.


Feel free to link to this site from any deafness or disability site. Link suggestions are considered but the time available for editing and adding to the site has become extremely limited. The chance of links being added is slim for most of the proposals I receive. I generally do not post links to sites for products and services or geographically specific resources. As indicated above, this site focuses on psychosocial adjustment and personal experience with deafness.


Deafened People Page does not receive any funding for the costs to register the domain or operate this website, so basically it looks like I’m the sponsor. Speaking fees and honoraria are used to cover the costs of the webhosting. Feel free to invite me to speak at your event or offer appropriate sponsorship.

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